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Online Course Details

Florida Sales Associate Pre-License Course - $99.00
63-Hour Online Course with Timed Exam
Complete your required Florida real estate education requirement through distance education and your computer. This course reviews all topics and concepts tested on the Sales Associate state exam. This course includes audio for enhanced learning plus our corresponding textbook (Florida Real Estate Guide) via PDF Fire. Textbook will be emailed as soon as you register. VISIT OUR BOOKSTORE WHERE ACTUAL TEXTBOOK AND REVIEW CD's CAN BE PURCHASED.

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If you have any questions about our online course, please feel free to give us a call before ordering at 877-651-1042 Monday through Friday, 9:00 a.m. EST to 3:00 p.m. EST or use the "contact us" section of our website to send us an email.

Before ordering, please make sure your computer system has the following minimum requirements:

  • Internet Service
  • Microsoft Internet Explorer 6 or higher
  • All Web Browsers are compatable
  • 800 x 600 or higher display
  • Windows Operating system
  • Adobe Acrobat Reader
  • Cookie enabled
  • Java script enabled
  • Mac/Ipad users may have to download a special program to connect to the Audio

After enrollment, if you have questions about any course materials or concepts, please call our office at 877-651-1042, Monday through Friday, between 9:00 a.m. and 3:00 p.m. to speak with an instructor.  Or you can send us an email at info@floridarealestatetrainers.com


  1. Once the course is ordered, no refunds are permitted.
  2. Upon registration, the student is issued a password that will be valid for one year.  The course must be completed within one year after registration. 
  3. Corresponding textbook will be mailed upon registration.  Most pages on the internet have an audio for easy study.
  4. The six Final Practice Exams are timed for 3 hours and are self-grading.  Students may take them as often as desired.  The Final Exam is also timed for 3 hours.  A score of 70% is required to pass the exam and pass the course.
  5. If the student fails the final exam, the student must wait at least 30 days (but before the 1 year password expires) before the student will be allowed to take another final exam.  The student will still able to access the course materials for studying if the first test is failed.  If the student fails the second final exam, the entire course must be repeated and the student must pay the full tuition fee again.
  6. The course is entirely web-based and is not downloadable. The student is encouraged to take his or her time with each section at his or her own pace, provided the course is completed within one year of registration.  All quizes and tests are submitted and graded electronically and are not downloadable.
  7. Every online student will have to agree to the following affidavit sworn statement:  "I certify that I personally have completed all assignments and have not duplicated any portion of the end of course examination".  This affidavit is will be presented to the student prior to taking the final exam.  The student will have to select "yes" to the affidavit statement in order to take the test.
  8. Upon passing the final exam, the student will be provided with a certificate of course completion (also known as a Course Report) which the student can print at home.  Alternatively, the student can request that a Course Report be mailed directly to the student's address.  The student must bring his or her course report to the state exam.
  9. In order to take the state exam, the student must complete the online course and have his or her application approved by the Florida Division of Real Estate.  Students are encouraged to submit their applications as soon as possible and not wait until the online course is completed. 


Chapter 1 Introduction to the Real Estate Business 1.0 hours
Chapter 2 License Law and Qualifications 2.5 hours
Chapter 3 License Law and FREC Rules 3.0 hours
Chapter 4 Property Rights 3.5 hours
Chapter 5 Real Property Ownership 3.5 hours
Chapter 6 Legal Descriptions 2.5 hours
Chapter 7 Brokerage Activities 3.5 hours
Chapter 8 Agency 3.5 hours
Chapter 9 The Real Estate Market

2.5 hours

Notice Product Knowledge no longer tested
Chapter 10 Real Estate Appraisal 3.5 hours
Chapter 11 Real Estate Investment 2.0 hours
Chapter 12 Real Estate Taxes 3.0 hours
Chapter 13 Contracts 3.5 hours
Chapter 14 Real Estate Finance 3.5 hours
Chapter 15 Types and Sources of Mortgage Money 2.5 hours
Chapter 16 Real Estate Closing 2.5 hours
Chapter 17 Planning and Zoning 2.5 hours
Chapter 18 State and Federal Real Estate Laws 3.0 hours
Chapter 19 Violations, Penalties, and Procedures 3.0 hours
Chapter 20

Real Estate Math 

3.0 hours

Final Exam 3.0 hours

TOTAL COURSE TIME                63.0 HOURS

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